Saturday, February 27, 2010


I used to be really fit. After I turned 35, I got lazy and I got pretty fat. I got bigger and bigger! When I turned 40, I said "Enough!" and I went to Weightwatchers, and lost 14kg (30lb). Recently I came up with an idea to help me keep fit. Im inviting my girlfriends and their friends to join...

Fit & Crazy

We are going to get together and do fun stuff outdoors.
Here are some examples….
• Bushwalk in our local National Park (say, 5-6 km, picnic & swim)
• Bike ride around Narrabeen Lake
• Canoeing on Narrabeen Lake (100% guaranteed to capsize, if I'm there!)
• Indoor rockclimbing at the local Rockhouse
• Dance party at my house (could involve Wii Dance!)
• Rollerblade or Scooter
• Let’s Surf – bodyboarding at the beach. We've had enough of watching our kids have all the fun. Now it's our turn!

That's not so crazy? Well, try this…
• Attack of the Fitballs – let’s take our fitballs to a beach pool and throw them at each other…
• Noodle Bullrush – do you own a $5 swim noodle? Know how to play bullrush? Ok, then!

My next plan calls for a can of dairy whip. Everyone, get your running shoes on...


  1. That all sounds like heaps of fun! I should organise some stuff like that in my home town (Alice Springs) Lx

  2. I walk with a friend (who I met at weight watchers but we are both tubby again!I'm almost ready to go back. Depression and an underactive thyroid and multiple allergies is making the thought of weightloss a bit hard at present!) Anyway on saturday mornings we walk to our local cafe have breakfast and then walk the long way home. This is exercise I will do regularly as it has a treat involved. I think you have a good idea having a group of you doing it together.
    PS. I love the camping story and would love to hear part two!

  3. Thanks you guys! I must confess I am copying a friend of mine, Dave Peter, who organizes events and has a large email list. The only thing is, Dave is a very fit retired man, so his activites are often 30km bike rides, all day hikes, canyoning, etc. Ive been on them, but Im wrecked afterwards. Im designing this to be more accessible for us girls & mums. LRH I relate about the depression thing. VERY hard to get moving against that, hey. Hi Lulahh, love your blog and your pix of Alice! xxxx M.

  4. This sounds like a fun venture. They say people do better at weight loss when they have a partner willing to work out with them. I like the idea of making fitness fun. It's less of a chore that way.

    If I were close, I'd join you.