Friday, February 19, 2010

My Local Beach

This is Avalon Beach, my local beach. Our region is about 35km North of Sydney. Each village is centred around its local ocean beach. Each village has its own local school, soccer club, rugby club, surf-lifesaving club etc that are named after the Beach. Each beach also has its nickname. So, Avalon is Av. Palm Beach is Palmy. To show our allegiance, we have car bumper stickers with our Beach name. As many people commute South to work, they all use the same road. Avalon cars are joined by the Newport, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Bilgola and Mona Vale cars. Its a little bit ridiculous, but also kinda fun. When I am far from home, I am always happy when I see a bumper sticker from Avalon. It is a wonderful place to come home to.


  1. That ocean looks gorgeous! Ours is too cold to go swimming in -- we've got another 3 or 4 months to go. BTW, you look incredibly young. I would have guessed 20-something. Have fun with your blog! And thank you for following mine. (How did you find me?)

  2. I'd love a day at the beach. It's freezing here (and snowing).