Saturday, March 6, 2010

Donut Queen

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Here is a little story about a girl (yes, it's me) who used to be skinny, and then got
. Or, to be politically correct, Overweight.

Dear Friends, about 6 six years ago, I used to be skinny, and fit. I weighed 55kg (120 pounds). I did aerobics classes 5 times a week, as I had done for years.

Intimidated? Don't be. My life was a mess. The only reason I exercised so much was, it kind of prevented me from falling to pieces. Sort of.

Five years went by. I stopped exercising. I ate whatever I wanted. I bought bigger outfits. Then, I bought even bigger outfits. In June 2009, I finally stepped on the scales. I couldnt believe my eyes! But the little needle had no reason to lie. It said 76kg. That's 168 pounds, people!

How did this happen? I will tell you how it happened...
Mars Bars.
Chocolate Biscuits.
Flavoured Milk.
Krispy Kreme donuts

I ate all of these. Many, many times. Double scoops of gelato. Packets of chocolate biscuits. Pints of flavoured milk. Ever eaten a whole jar of Nutella? I have. And my personal favourite: a mixed dozen Krispy Kremes.

Can you relate to any of the following?
"I deserve a treat for doing the grocery shopping."
"I'm cold. A large hot chocolate with cream will warm me up."
"I'm going to sleep better if I just eat this toast and peanut butter."
"I deserve a treat for filling up the car at the petrol station."
"If nobody saw me eat it, I didn't eat it."
"If I ate it off my friend's plate, it has zero calories."
"If I buy a dozen donuts and there are only four left when I get home, that means I only bought six and ate, uh, two."

At the peak of my large-ness I could lie in bed and my stomach would be lying beside me like a large cat. It was kind of comforting. But I also felt desperate. If I could have grabbed my rolls of flab and given them away, I would have. In an instant!

I was way out of my depth. I had forgotten how to eat sensible portions. I was afraid to walk and leave my car at home, in case I got tired and couldn't make it back again.

If you can't walk down your own street, then it's got to be time for change.

I eventually joined Weightwatchers and that helped me lose weight. But in this post I just wanted to describe how I felt when I was overweight and out of control.
You might see a photo of me and think, This chick has never been overweight in her life, what would she know about flab?

But you'd be wrong ;-)


  1. I've struggled for the past 10 years with my weight, but when I hurt my back, I made a serious effort and lost 20 pounds. My weight fluctuates up and down about 5 pounds now, but when my jeans get tight, I put the fork down. I don't want to ever experience back pain like I had again. Once was enough.

  2. I have never struggled with my weight, but I am not a huge sweet/snack eater - we didn't have it growing up so I never went for it when I got older and could.

    I do, however, read a lot of weight loss blogs [women trying to lose weight] and I find that they have the same reasons - they eat out [a lot] they are too tired to cook, they have a family, they eat for comfort. And I feel bad for them because unlike other addictions [drugs, alcohol, etc] you HAVE TO eat to stay alive; but it depends on what you eat on how healthy you stay.

    My greatest pet peeve is portions. We don't go out because I get tired of being fed enough food for three - and I think that is the problem in the US - people don't understand that a serving of protein [meat/fish/chicken] is the size of a deck of cards i.e. 3-4 oz. But I have gone out and been served a piece of fish the size of my dinner plate. Too much.