Monday, March 22, 2010

Jobs I have done

Following the lead of my friend Michelle, Im going to write a simple list of all the jobs I have ever done. Why dont you join me in writing down some of your jobs? Like reading tea leaves, I bet some kind of pattern will emerge :-)

Jobs I Have Done
cake shop server ($4 per hour, + free stale cakes!),
dish-washer in a snobby cafe,
dish-stacker in Jewish club,
bad barista,
very bad barmaid (the alcoholics loved me, I thought a single shot looked too mean in the glass so I always put doubles),
hopeless waitress (I hadnt heard of using a notepad to write orders down),
unreliable secretarial temp. (used to go out to lunch at local Wine Bar. Yes.),
immigration clerk (I used to fast-track the people I really liked),
recruitment officer for state government (read: beaureaucrat),
research assistant at university x 3,
assistant to a Professor (He lost stuff in his office, I found it).
research officer (I did some projects on the brain and memory and stuff),
psychologist in psychiatric hospital (I had a badge with my name on it),
Lifeline telephone counsellor,
carer for disabled young people,
real estate sales agent,
music teacher.

That's all I can think of, but Im sure there are more. Music teaching suits me by far the best of all. I love it. It's also the best pay I have ever received...gosh, why did I even bother going to University? I could have just stayed home and practised my instruments.


How about you?


  1. I forgot the waitressing - I was never hired to be a waitress for a reason. LOL - too funny. Thanks for linking to my page! :)
    xx Michelle

  2. Well that list is a lot longer than mine...mine include
    1underpaid arts worker
    2underpaid direct marketing coordinator
    3 carer for people with disabilities
    4 writer
    5 admin assistant in music office
    6 bartender in lesbian bar in night only.I was awful.I didn't even know the names of any of the beers. Or how to pour them.
    What was I thinking ?