Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lakeside Bike Ride

My Plan: To get a bunch of 40-something moms to go on outdoor adventures while their kids are at school; to keep fit, make new friends and have fun.

On Fri 12th March we had our 1st event, a bike ride around Narrabeen Lake. Jenny, Cheryl, Buki, Sandy and I met at North Narrabeen car park. After discovering that Sandy's bike had virtually no brakes (oops!) we set off around the Lake. The sky was blue, the wind was cool and pleasant. We rode on the bike path all the way to Narrabeen shops, then crossed the road and rejoined the bike path. Pelicans wheeled overhead. Fat white ducks quacked indignantly near the Kayak Hire place. What they have to be indiginant about, Im not sure!. Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying themselves - wheeling their babies, paddling kayaks on the lake, minding their grandkids, eating ice creams, fooling around on bikes...

We made it all the way to the far south end of the Lake (half hour ride). After a bit of a chin wag, we rode back again (another half hour). We had coffee and brunches at the cafe near the Caravan Park. It was a blast!

Some of the girls are my close girlfriends; some I dont know so well. I just recruited people off my 300 plus email list. Not that I have that many friends - ha ha - but I have contacts from every school class and every activity that the kids have ever done. Over the years, it adds up to quite a resource.

I feel really good because everyone who came was REALLY enthusiastic. They said,
"This is my carrot, I've been working hard all week because I knew I had this to look forward to!"
"Thanks for inviting me, I feel like I really did something with my day!"
"What's our next adventure?"

Our next adventure will be a kayaking trip at Church Point, which is a really beautiful calm water inlet.


  1. This is so great and I am so jealous - to ride a bike and you guys look like you had an awesome time!!!

    Congrats! Love it.

  2. Oh how I wish you lived here or I lived there! I need a carrot some days! Ah well, the nice weather is coming and that will certainly help!
    Keep biking and writing!