Tuesday, March 30, 2010

List for my 50th

Hello! Today is my Birthday!!! I am 41. This photo is me aged 40 on a wonderful horse called Eskdale. We were on packsaddle trek that I went on to celebrate 40th. Actually, first I had to learn to ride. That took a few years (I like to start things in advance). Then I had to recover from some injuries (broken tailbone, broken ribs) caused by falls of horses.

Then, I was good to go! I went on a 5-day trek in the Australian High Country with an outfit called Bogong Horseback Adventures.

Many of you wonderful people have a Bucket List or a Wish List of some kind. Im going to start mine now. Here goes...

Things To Do by the Time Im 50.

1. Start my own jazz band for young people
2. Tour Australia with my own jazz band
3. Improve my trumpet playing to a really high standard
4. Swim in every river in my home state (New South Wales)
5. Own a canoe
6. Build an outdoor oven out of mud-bricks
7. Build a dollhouse (for my niece)
8. Scuba dive on Australia's Great Barrier Reef
9. Celebrate 10 years with my husband
10. Learn to ski
11. Learn to Surf, standing up on a surfboard
12. Make our household carbon-neutral
13. Contribute to Reforestation of our planet
14. Be a good example to young people

Gosh, that's it for now. Gotta run and go out for my Birthday lunch!
See ya later :-) xxoo


  1. That's a great list, but you'd better get busy. Some of those goals look like they'll take a a bit of practice to accomplish.

    Happy Birthday! How was dinner?

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Scuba dive on Australia's Great Barrier Reef- me too!!!!!
    Great list!

  3. Hello! I saw you post that it was your birthday on someone's blog that I had stumbled upon. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.7-11 and 14 are on my list also, but I'm only 21. You look much younger than 41. Just wanted to let you know that even though I'm sure you get told often. I have two sons also and just added a daughter this past December. Well, I'll stop rambling. I hope you had a great birthday.

    Kerin @ hergoodintentions.blogspot.com

  4. Happy Birthday Michaela! I'm so sorry that I missed it yesterday. I hope that you have a wonderful year, full of adventures and check marks on your list!
    x Michelle

  5. happy birthday! hope you had a great time :)your bucket list looks fantastic, and fun, and energetic..the great barrier reef part particularly appeals..as does owning a canoe.

  6. What a fun list! Hope to hear you play...