Thursday, April 1, 2010

More things to DO

I recently started a list of things Id like to do by the time I turn 50. Now I am going to add to that list. List-writing fits the bill for a hungover Easter Friday morning.

For my Birthday celebrations last night, the girlfriends and I went to see the band Mental As Anything, at our local club. In Australia, having the Mentals play at your local club is like, I dunno, having Bruce Springsteen suddenly do a live gig in your town. The Mentals were huge in the 1980s. Most of our town was there last night, and I know so many of them. We might be middle-aged parents, but we can still dance. It was like a huge Birthday party all for me.

Pardon me dear readers for I have sinned. I confess to: champagne, vodka, beer, and Jack Daniels. OUCH!!!!!!!!! My sore head.....
(I promise you, I only go crazy like that once every 5 years or so.)

So, here goes with my continued list. It starts with Item 15. (Items 1 to 14 appeared in a previous post here.)
15. Teach my sons to drive safely
15a. Teach my sons to cook, do laundry, iron, & clean bathrooms
15b. Support & guide my sons to achieve their own goals
15c. Make sure sons know 1st aid, and can use power tools safely
15d. Chill out and shut up while my sons make their own mistakes!!
16. Walk part of the Appalachian Trail (wow, did I really spell that right?)
16b. Visit Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, and the prairies
16c. Travel on the Trans-Canadian railway
16d. Live for 1 year in a place that has proper seasons
16e. See leaves fall off the trees; see snow falling
17. Shoot a gun
18. Visit Antarctica on an ice-breaker
19. Buy a blonde wig and wear it
20. Drive across Australia
21. Own a horse
22. Grow vegetables and eat them
23. Live in a properly-insulated house
24. Figure out what to do about climate change
25. Write thank you letters to people that Im grateful to

Have you got a list? Feel like writing one? Id luv to see it...


  1. Well, when you get to the states to walk the trail, call me. I'll take you to some of my favorite parts of the Appalachian Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Then we'll drive back to my sister's house, about 30 minutes away, put our feet up and toast the beauty of this mountain range with champagne.

    Consider yourself invited...

  2. And you can always come live in VA - we have it all - Snow in the winter, beautiful weather and blossoms in the spring, hot and humid summer and spectacular leaves changing in the fall with cool, crisp weather.

  3. Well, it's too late for a things to do before 50 as I passed that a few years ago--but I did do the entire length of the Appalachian Trail (at 30) and the John Muir Trail at 40 as well as many transcontinental rail trips across the US (I've done part of Canada, but not all of it). You mentioned driving across Australia, have you done the train? The Darwin run south looks interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by and happy brithday.

  4. Hi Michaela,
    I love your list - and now because of the last part I think that I'll have to work on my own. Adventure day today so the list will be in my head for now, but I'll get it started.
    xo Michelle