Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh My Blog! I got an award...

Hey, I got an award from my friend Barb ;-) at
Life in the Mom Lane
who wrote a hilarious 'embarrassing moment' story.

As the recipient of this award, I gather I have a choice of:
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, stream-of-consciousness style (Hmm, I dont do alcohol right now because it doesnt mix well with antidepressants)

b) Write about my most embarrassing moment. (My Goodness, so very many embarrassing moments to choose from, so little time.)

(c) Make your next post a "vlog", or video blog (I already did post of video of myself here, it wasnt so embarrassing. Gosh, at least Im not from New Zealand!)

Then when you are done you are supposed to pass the award on to at least three amazing bloggers, like yourself (I will get round to it)

Okay here goes. When I was about 20 years old I was living in a big old student house in Sydney. It was a fun time of my life - lots of partying, dancing, and creativity - not much responsibility (how short it lasts, hey?).

One morning I woke up at 6am as usual to my favourite radio station. It was one of those radio shows that with music to get you going and funny chit-chat. I thought it was a blast. (Ha. I guess I'd never heard of breakfast radio before.)

Anyway, this particular day, the DJ announced they were having a competition. They were inviting people to call up and tell the listeners the craziest place you'd ever had sex. They made it sound like a lot of fun. I thought, I can do that! So I rang the radio station a few times, and to my surprise I got through.

I said: "The craziest place I ever had sex was in a Greyhound bus between Sydney and Canberra!"

To really appreciate this moment, you have to imagine my exact tone of voice. I was buouyant, enthusiastic, totally thrilled to be a part of my favourite radio show. My tone of voice was, as they say...Over the top.

Sydney to Canberra is a 3-hour bus ride and admittedly it is a very boring journey.
But the truth be known, when I rode on the Greyhound bus, I would have sat quietly gazing out the window. I might have re-read Jane Austen's "Emma". I might have chewed some Juicy Fruit gum. I might have sketched sneaky little portaits of people's faces while they were asleep. But getting it on? With a boy? Not even close.

I pinched someone else's story, and blurted it out on radio.

Now, I was a silly girl. I did not think this one through.
I made the following assumptions:
1. That the only person who listened to that radio station was me.
2. That my entry would most probably not be played on air.
3. Even if it did get played on air, nobody I knew would recognize my voice.
4. That my entry would definitely not win the competition.

Guess which assumption(s) were wrong?

Did you guess ALL OF THEM?

You were right!!!

What actually happened was this: The radio station loved my hysterically excited confession SO MUCH, they played it over and over as part of a promo for their Breakfast Show. (Gosh, they must have had a tape-recorder.) I heard my own voice on radio (Woo-hoo) all that day, and all the next day.

Other people besides me also heard my voice. People who actually knew me. And they recognized my voice (bu-wha?).

Do you think anyone believed me when I explained, "Ha ha, I didnt really have sex in a bus." OF COURSE NOT!

Now, that radio station broadcasts nationally all over Australia (Oops, didn't think about that!) and therefore a few hundred thousand other people might have been, um, listening...

THE ONLY GOOD THING parents didn't hear it.
AND...neither did the person whose story I pinched.


  1. That is funny! That is the type of thing that would happen to me! So you were famous- or infamous ;)

  2. Haha! Love it! LOL.
    Nice job on getting the award too!

  3. Haa ha ha I remember that!!!! I recognized your voice straight away!!