Sunday, May 2, 2010

Craft 2010

Here are some thingummy's I made lately.

The cup-cozy that leans over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bit of a joke. I made it for a friend who is a very talented woodwork artist. I think it also keeps the sawdust out of his coffee in the workshop.

The cat applique pillow was a gift for a young friend whose mother is unable to care for her. This little girl does not have many nice things so I made this pillow specially for her.

The most recent cup-cozy above is for my friend Buki (the vodka temptress), who has drunk a lot of cold coffee since her kids were born. I hope this will keep her coffee warm until she gets to drink it!


  1. I want the first tea cozy as a hat - how great is THAT - I squealed!

    The cat pillow is fabulous and such a nice thought - how old is the lil' girl - we sure have a lot between our two girls and I am sure we have plenty to share if you would like me to send it along your way. Please let me know at thanks

    And the last cozy is so my daughter - perfect colors and boy she can leave some freezing teacups around - y'know i have never seen these - they are really a good idea. :)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I love your thingummy's!!!
    What a nice thing to do, making that pillow for the little girl. How sweet :)

  3. That top one, the one you said you made as a joke, would make a very nice hat.....unfortunately my head is not quite that small. But I like it!!