Thursday, May 27, 2010

I scrub up Okay

Hi & welcome, just in case you haven't been here before!

Here are some pix of me. Di over at Blue Ridge Gal invited folks to put up a pic of themselves wearing whatever they would normally wear. I think she really meant Baby Boomers, which I technically am not (I'm Gen X), but I think she will be fine with this.

So here I am. I am trying not to look like someone who just spent 36 hours mothering people who are vomiting, moaning, and whining. Hallelujah, it's Friday, everyone's at school and I don't have to work. I'm going out for coffee with my husband so I can try to rediscover who he is, after the week we have just had.

I am wearing: Dolce & Gabbana 'the One', a red tshirt, a pair of R.M. Williams jeans (that's our Aussie version of Wrangler), lip liner but no other makeup, I actually combed my hair for once, a belt with a bit of bling on the buckle, and some boots.

I like the 1st Pic best because I think I quite often have that look. Soft. Huggable. A little confused maybe. But I'm taking it all in!

In the third Pic I am running up our driveway trying to get in the shot. But at least you can see my bag! I like bags. This is one of my faves.

ALL my clothes come from the Red Cross shop. The only things I actually will spend good money on are: perfume, undies, shoes that fit, and bras that fit.

Have a great day, y'all! xxxooo


  1. Great pictures, I LOVE pictures :)
    I hope everyone is all better now.
    And you scrub up beautifully! :)

  2. I love finding a good bargain at the Goodwill (US equivalent of the Red Cross shop). Why pay retail? Buying clothes there helps the handicapped (they employ a lot of handicapped people), so I can feel all righteous and superior and good causey as I hand over $5 for my jeans and the money I save goes toward pedicures (at the beauty school, of course - not going to pay retail for that, either).

  3. We sound alike in the "What I will spend money on" - but I let Pooldad buy my perfume :D

    The pics are AWESOME - you are adorable [good color on you btw] You wouldn't know you had kids, let alone you had to play Nurse/Mom all night either. :D How are the boys - are they feeling better?

    Enjoy your day off [oh, you probably already have, hee!] and have a great weekend. Love ya!

  4. You look great!- at least everyone is on the mend! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. I thought there were koalas and wallabies in every photo taken in Australia. Shows what I know.


  6. You do indeed scrub up nice! Lovely shots. Great colour on you too. Nice to see the face behind the name too! Thanks for all your sweet comments over on my blog, means so much to me. I'll still on the job hunt..sigh! means more time for blogging when i should be filling out job applications!