Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting an Extra Blog

Hi All! I started a new Blog where I am going to talk about Darth. It's called My Ex is Dracula.

Y'all are welcome to come and visit. I will of course still be blogging here. It's just that I don't really want Darth (aka Dracula) to be polluting my happy Oxygen blog with his evil presence. So I decided to write about that situation separately. It's a bit of therapy for me, and maybe it will inspire some other person in an abusive relationship to improve their lot. You can only hope, hey?

Bye for now and Have a Great Day!


  1. Damn girl, he's ugly!

    I will be happy to drop by and teach you some dirty fighting tricks. I hope your new blog is the cathartic you need. Better out than in!

  2. You should probably be careful about what you write publicly, as he could try to use it against you. I've seen it happen before, so discretion is sometimes the better part of valor.


  3. you crack me up, lady :) glad to know i have TWO reading outlets now :)