Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Very Sad Day at the Womens Colony

The Women's Colony is no longer. (It's still here, but Mrs G. will not be publishing any more material.)

It's hard to believe it.

TWC (as it was affectionately known) was a place where "real women" hung out.

Mrs G., the creator, author and editor of TWC published her own writing there, and she had several other blogesses who also contributed on a regular basis.

There was always something to read. TWC published some of the most beautiful, thoughtful journalism that I have ever had the good fortune to read. Pieces that were sometimes touching, other times nostalgic, always evocative. TWC dealt with knotty and complex issues such as how to deal with cancer, the loss of a friendship, or a husband's betrayal. There was always some sexy man-candy to gawk at in the "Cabana", and something slightly erky but nevertheless fascinating in the "Bedroom."

And then there were the "Colonists", the many loyal commenters from all over North America and many other countries around the globe. You know how it is, when you get together with girlfriends? After a while (sometimes not too long either) no topic is taboo. Nothing is sacred. Anything can and will be laughed at, even things that are not funny, like...oh, I dunno, your own occasional incontinence. Everything you used to think you would never tell anyone, well, it's okay to relax and go ahead now, because look at the stuff your BFFs are blurting out!

Who will ever forget the honesty, the frankness, the requests for help, the support, the advice, the compassion?

The tone at TWC was (I believe) what you would get if you gathered women together from all over the globe and took away any language barriers. You would get wisecracks about husbands. Irreverence about sex. Commiseration about childbirth and what it does to your body. An overwhelming but unspoken bond amongst the strongly maternal. Moaning about what on earth to give the family for dinner tonight. Shared griefs, fears, and joys. A communal response of "Well, Duh!" to most of the things men do and say.

Put more succinctly, when women get together, we crack up laughing, because in all of our lives there is TOO MUCH STUFF that is not at all funny. It's a dry, ironic kind of laughter. What else can you do, but laugh? I reckon it's universal.

At The Women's Colony I found other women like me. I laughed a lot. I connected. I made some friends. Thanks Mrs G. (mwah!).

I like to think the real reason why you can't go on doing it any more is that Oprah did a billion dollar deal with you for a new program on "Discovery:Home and Health" (which I hear is soon to become the new 24-hour Oprah channel.) It will be called The Women's Colony. You, Mrs G., will be the host. And all us Colonists will be invited as guests.

Don't forget to invite me.... xxoo

PS Oprah can eat Mrs G's shorts.


  1. I know! I don't see how we can go on without it. Sad, sad, sad...

  2. It was a sad day, yesterday. Sniff...

  3. I am equally pissed off, depressed, disappointed and shocked. And really, I'm so afraid of losing my friends! I mean, it's like the school year ending without getting my girlfriends to sign my yearbook and leave me phone numbers. Sigh.

    Well, on TWC, I'm Kate in Michigan. Come visit me?

  4. i have not had the honor of knowing about this and it is gone already. rats!

    smiles, bee

  5. This whole blogging thing is interesting solely for the connections and relationships formed with people all over the world. I think the vast majority of us would have never dreamed of making such connections when we started these little beasties.


  6. Consider me your newest and best fan! I love what you wrote as it expressed my thoughts better than I could have. I can't wait until later tonight when I get a chance to read over your blog.

  7. I have to agree with Empress - I knew nothing of this and now it is gone? Sigh.

    Hugs to you darling!

  8. Nope- never heard of it, but it sure sounds like I missed out!!! You all will have to start a chat room of your own to meet at... or something :) Oh, and invite me lol.