Friday, August 6, 2010

Open Day at school

Posted by PicasaFrom Top Left: My Hubby and Jerome, Mr Grice (teacher) and Jerome
Bottom Right: Jerome and Blaise (his pre-school teacher)
Bottom Middle: Jerome and friends doing the Time Warp
It was Open Day this week. On Open Day kids invite their parents and family to come to school. You have to sit in a small chair and look at their work and act proud. When every child and their loved ones cram themselves into the classroom, the noise and the excitement are quite overwhelming!
After that, you have to go out in the playground and watch them do dancing. Jerome's year 6 class did the "Time Warp". Very funny!
My son Jerome (11) is in his final year of Primary School. So this was the last Open Day that I will go to *sob*. In High School, they wouldn't be caught dead doing dances in the playground for their parents...!


  1. Looks like fun--my daughter left elementary school last year and this was the first year I didn't come have lunch with her and go on field trips wtih her...

  2. I said goodbye to that also :( Last year. Even though my son is also going into 6th grade, that is the first year of Middle School. So this year I will have none of that. *sigh* They grow up way to fast.

  3. Hi Michaela! I'm back, but today I have a gift!
    Here's an award for you :)

  4. Let's face it. Your son was the most gifted person in the class, if not in the whole country as well as eastern and southern hemispheres.

    Go ahead. Just admit it.

    [Insert "Smiley" Thing.]


  5. what a cutie! I don't think my kids would've wanted me to show up @ their school when they were in 6th grade- and I KNOW they wouldn't have wanted me to see them dance! ;)