Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures tell the best story...

Hi folks, today I am posting in pics. Above is my son Jerome. He is wearing school uniform. He is in year 6 in primary school and he will be 12 in November. However, evidently we are never too old to play with play dough!

This is my pantry cupboard. I love it when my pantry is stocked up!
We are so lucky in Developed countries to have plenty of food.
I also like all my labels to face frontways. Nerdy, huh?

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This is my special kitchen cupboard where I keep all the important stuff. Like Sticky tape, scissors, recipe books, important documents... Every Mom needs one of these cupboards. My hubby and I built our kitchen. I insisted I had to have this special place for all the 'Mom stuff'.

Posted by PicasaThis here is our cat Leo (his actual name is Lenoardo diCattrio). He is sleeping on the buffet.The buffet also serves as our 'centre for home improvement', at the moment. Its a mess, I know. But we need to have all the building documents handy. In the background is my Nan, and my Grandad. All my grandfolks have passed on now. It's sad. I miss them. When I have practiced the piano enough, I'm going to do some concerts at the Old Folks home with some of the old show tunes. Oldies love that kind of thing. And I love making oldies happy.

My son Harry (14 in November 2010) is always hungry. Here he is, attempting to eat a whole stick of fairy floss in one bite.


  1. well your kids are adorable, your cabinets are the neatest i have EVER seen anywhere, and i love your cat's name! tits!

    smiles, bee

  2. Leonardo DiCattrio? ROTFL - that is just fab'! I love it.

    I can look past the [very slightly] jumbled desk because your cabinets are so clean! I wish my pantry looked like that. :) Smart Momma for having that cabinet built. I need one of those. [I think all Mom's do!]

    Your boys are darling. So handsome. I'm not showing Wallene or she may just well try to get a trip to AUS out of us. LOL. Well...then again I might. ha!

    Love and hugs sweetie

  3. Your two are of similar ages to my lads (14 and 11). A strange age for boys.

    BTW, my wife says I'm way too obsessive with keeping the pantry in "order," what with everything sorted out and maintained at right angles.


  4. I love the cat's name, too.

    You have a lovely family and pantry. I'm deeply envious of the kitchen storage.

  5. I love the pics, thanks for sharing! (I am the same way about my pantry)

  6. Fairy Floss!!!! How'd I miss that the first time? lol :)
    I have never heard it called that before, i like it! (I've only heard it called Cotton Candy)

  7. i heart harry and his fairy floss! best way to end a weekend :)