Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Mother In Law (bless her heart!)

While we were down south, we visited "Mummy", whom I love dearly. She lives on about 20 acres of land, in a tiny cottage, with an assortment of ancient, decrepit pets.

There is Moyny, a fluffy white cat who somehow emigrated here from Canada. (My sister in law spent some time studying wolves in the wilds of Canada and she somehow picked up this cat).

Moyny, aged 10, is the youngest of the animals. Next is Claude, a huge pitbull X german shepherd. Claude used to be tough and ruthless. Now he's just rough and toothless - ha ha. He is very stiff with arthritis. We spent time on the porch brushing Claude on his itchy bits that he can't reach.
Playboy, aged 32, and Buffy, 20, are the horses. Playboy used to be a showjumper. Now you can't get near him, he's so cranky. Buffy was a pacer (a trotting racehorse that pulls a driver) in his heyday. He has a freezebrand under his mane that is a clue to his origins. He is a big opinionated doofus.
We had to sleep on a futon under a few old sleeping bags. The door to the cottage was left open about 20 inches all night (that being the girth of Claude) so the dog could go in and out. Which he frequently did. An icy breeze blew through straight through. Luckily I am a good sleeper and I ignore little things like noise and cold.
Layne on the other hand is a poor sleeper. His mum said, "You're such a grump. He was always a grump, and he's still a grump now. Michaela, next time leave him at home and just come down yourself."
Mummy is hilarious. You gotta love someone who loves their animals so much, they'd make their own son sleep in the freezing cold just for the comfort of an old dog.


  1. oh what a lovely woman! she sounds marvelous!

    smiles, bee

  2. She sounds lovely. I'd love to meet her. Since you asked, the picture on my header is of a farm in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Smack in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pretty, no?

  3. She looks so full of life. Good for her to live by herself and get along so well.


  4. She sounds delightful, but her poor, poor son!

  5. "Mummy" sounds FABULOUS! A woman after my own heart...! Thinking about her Animals above anyone else. Personally, I would have found it hard, too, because I am a terrible!

  6. Mummy is a great lady....LOL! I'm the same with the my cats...they come first...