Friday, September 24, 2010

Nice to be missed!

Hey you guys! Here is that photo of me at the rugby game. Minutes after this photo was taken, the sky went black and it poured with rain. It was incredible. That never happens around here.
It was a weird day. One kid got taken to hospital in an ambulance with a ?neck injury. Then, it poured. We lost... but hey! It's not always about winning.
Sorry for being a 'stranger', and thanks everyone for missing me! More news shortly. It's 5am and I have to drive my son to an 8-day army cadet camp.
Yeah, we breed 'em tough, downunder!


  1. YAY! Love the pic'! You are gorgeous. And the smile? That is a high wattage smile there girlie! :D Glad you had a nice holiday but [being selfish] I am so happy you are back.

  2. You look "maaah-velous," dear.

    As for kids' sports, I'm fortunate that the elder son's soccer team is presently undefeated. It certainly puts him in a better mood for an adolescent.


  3. Nice photo--in the middle of a rugby match, you say. Look out!