Saturday, October 2, 2010

Celebratory Roast

I am roasting a baked dinner in the Oven. I am celebrating. My smaller boy came home from Christian Camp. He is nicer and politer than before. My bigger boy came home from Annual Army Cadet camp. He did not injure himself. He is SO dirty, you can't tell what's dirt, what's sunburn, and what's camouflage paint. He said, "I did have ONE shower..."

We are having....
Roast beef
sweet potatoes (kumera) with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar
roast pumpkin (you might call it squash; we call it pumpkin)
roast potatoes in their jackets
roast onions
peas 'n' carrots

They missed Mama's cooking, I'll bet!


  1. oh man that sounds good! and i am so happy for you and your offspring! it's lovely when they are doing good. thank heavens right now mine are too. so celebrate my friend! have some cake too!

    smiles, bee

  2. Thanks for the kind words today.

    Now may we please see pictures of this veritable feast [that I am now drooling over tyvm] 'cause Momma's cooking is always the best.


  3. Gosh, can I come over for leftovers. I hardly ever make big meals anymore. I am drooling. Oops, that knowledge will never get me an invite.

  4. That sounds like the perfect "Welcome Home!" dinner. Perhaps, you'll cap it off with pie and ice cream?


  5. I want you to post your recipe for sweet potatoes useing balsamic vinegar (we eat lots of sweet potatoes, but never like that). It's nice of mom to fix them such a feast for returning home. I hope GI Joe took a shower first.

  6. Yum!!! I'd love your recipe for sweet potatoes too! Being single I usually cook crockpot meals and share with others the next day! xoxoxo