Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My dear well-wishers,
Thanks for the kind words about my headache!
I took two Nurofen (aka ibuprofen) had a little nap, and recovered sufficiently to teach piano, tuba, trombone and trumpet in the afternoon. We also had Annie over, as per usual on Wednesdays. Annie is a child that my husband and I mentor. She is 14 and VERY noisy. Lucky my headache was gone by Annie o'clock.

A few words about Annie: she has a new hair colour every week, and wears far too much makeup, although she still goes "ewwww!" about boys, and her major interest is chocolate. She will talk your ear off about anything. She likes to point out even the slightest injury and make sure you pay attention to it. Yesterday she had fingernail marks on her arms, from catfighting with her friends. My son Jerome (12) and Annie get along extremely well and spend a lot of time wrestling and play-fighting. When they eventually wear themselves out, they go on MSN live and message their friends.

My son Harry (14) goes to the same school as Annie, and they are in some of the same classes. They get along OK, but they could not be more different. Harry is studious. Annie is intent on wasting her education by chatterboxing and refusing to work. She has loads of potential, but sadly the damage has already been done...

Today where I live, it is a beautiful spring day. I am going to write a list of things I am grateful for:
1. My husband, for marrying me, and being a wonderful and decent human being
2. My home, which is in a leafy area with low pollution and low crime
3. Our health care system, which enables us to visit the doctor for very low fees (no Bee, we are not communists!)
3b. My health, which is mostly excellent.
4. My job - teaching kids who are young enough to think I'm fabulous, unlike my own kids, who now find me uncool and highly embarrassing (ha!)
5. My circumstances - for many years I was a single mom. For the most part, I did not work because it was too hard to combine work and motherhood. So the boys and I survived on very little. Also I suffered depression and could not have worked, even if I had tried my hardest. Now I am working (+3 dignity!!!) and married. I can afford to buy a cup of coffee every day, if I want one. We recently were able to afford a new couch. It is so nice, I feel nervous to sit on it. It's like, is this actually for me?

If there is one good thing to be said about tough times, it's that they make you very grateful when things go well in your life.


  1. Me?
    1. You make me happy
    2. This post makes me incredibly happy.

    I love you girlie girl! Rock on!
    [glad the headache is gone]

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better- it seems so strange to hear you talk of the beginning of spring- as we are beginning fall here :)
    Nice things to be thankful for!! Enjoy!

  3. oh sorry to be late and wish you a feeling better post honey! glad to hear you are better now. and no, not communist, it's socialist! ha ha (kidding!)

    smiles, bee

  4. It's important to make a list like this every once in awhile. There's no better time than the beginning of a new season, where just like spring, such a list is symbolic of birth and renewal.

    I'm glad the headache left you.

  5. I have to say I smiled right from the get-go upon reading your post: you had a headache, but then you had to teach classes where loud musical instruments would be booming and honking, quite possibly unharmoniously...and you still managed to write a list of things you are grateful for! You are Mary Sunshine for sure!

  6. your posts are always very uplifting. I know I don't read as much as I could, but I always enjoy what i do read. i'm looking forward to more of your little 'short stories' on you other blog.

  7. Great post :)
    You are so kind to extend your love and home to this girl :)

    You are very blessed, and you deserve it! It's so nice to see your list :)
    And you're right, about hard times making us appreciate the good things.
    Sometimes it takes darkness to see the light.

  8. Counting one's blessings, while it might seem trite, is actually very good for one's mental/emotional disposition. We should all do it more often, methinks.