Monday, October 25, 2010

Making a silk purse

Recently I went on a holiday to Port Stephens. Yes, I know I didn't post much about it. That is because it sucked.

When choosing a holiday, would you rather go to a place which makes life easier for you, or would you rather do the same chores you normally do, but in a different location?

I thought so. Me, I will take the cruise. With Bee.

My BF Jenny called me months ago and she said, "Hey, do you wanna come camping? It's at this place that Buki and her friends always go. She says it's great but you have to book early. But we don't have to rough it. I will book a cottage."
I said, "Sure! Sounds fun."

Around comes the school holidays, and we went away to this place. It was a "Big 4" caravan park, which means it has pedal karts, bike tracks, a pool, a lake, and even mini-putt putt golf. That is great if you are under 12 years old, and all you want to do is ride your bike and fish off a dock all day.

As for us adults, well, there was cooking, shopping, cleaning, and putting bandaids on grazed knees.

YAAAAAA! Do I need glasses? How did I overlook that Jenny's kid is 7? ALL the kids (except mine) were under 10. In the morning there when I woke up, all I could hear was the shouts and screams of kids who had woken up at dawn and were playing all around us. Loudly.

NOOOOOOOOO! I should have brought a guitar. I should have brought a harmonica. My earplugs? Anything, for a bit of relief.

I wanted to get in the car and drive to civilization. I wanted a coffee. I wanted a comfy lounge to sink into. All I got was a supermarket. That's right! Two minutes up the road was a supermarket, with NO cafe's. So what is this place trying to say to me? That I am only allowed to shop for GROCERIES?
You thought you could drive to the shops to escape from being a Mom. But you were wrong, lady. Now get into that supermarket and shop like a grownup. Buy that cereal! Bag those grean beans!

At night, the massive squalling group of kids finally got settled into tents. The parents slumped into a circle of chairs around a boombox and drank vodka. A joint got passed around by the Dads. We chowed down on doritos and stayed up til 11pm. Woo!

I am being sarcastic.

The big difference between me and all the other adults on holiday is: MY KIDS ARE OLDER. My kids are almost 12 and almost 14. I was lucky that they were happy to use the pool, the pedal karts, and ride skateboards all day. But to be perfectly honest, we have moved on to a different stage of life. My kids do not need to be watched or entertained. They can catch the bus to the Mall 20km away. They can shop for their own clothes. Or catch a movie. They might be gone all day. No need to worry.

Now, I love kids in general, but I think it happens to all of us that once your own kids are past a certain age, you become less tolerant. You notice the bad manners, and the whining. You swear that your own kids NEVER got away with THAT. (When they probably did, actually.)

Next time we go on holiday, I will be smarter. I'm thinking of taking my kids backpacking. We might go to Queensland and do the 'Worlds' (Warner Bros Move World, Wet n Wild, and SeaWorld). Remind me, peeps, not to holiday with no more little kids.

So, what was the silk purse? Well, amongst the parents that I met on holiday, quite a few of them have tiny kids that want to learn the piano. And, I can teach piano. So I picked up 4 new students, which is an extra $100 worth of business for me per week. Ker-ching! I like that. xxxoooo


  1. Always a silver lining, eh Michaela?

    I love camping - and miss the days when they got screamingly excited and wickedly dirty so we could just toss them in the pond.

    Then again - I have never been quite right. hee

    Oh - and my Mom and my beloved MIL's favorite saying was always "The closest I would get to camping is a hotel with Room Service." And they meant it. I do not come from strong stock. lol

  2. ohh honey, don't go camping with ANYone! camping is not fun. there are no cabana boys at campgrounds. there is no cabin steward to make your bed and clean your bathroom twice a day at a campground. there is no midnight buffet at a campground. there is no production show after dinner at a campground. now there ARE mosquitos at a campground, and the fire makes your hair smell like smoke and the marshmallows on the bottom of your shoe? no one to clean that up either. trust me, DO NOT go camping...

    smiles, bee

  3. I have vowed no more vacations where I have to provide my own linens or share the bathroom with strangers.

  4. OMG that sounds like HELL.....literally....

    this is why when they were 12-18 I would get grandma to come visit and & hubby & I would go ALONE to an ALL ADULT vacation site....

    Best $ ever spent ;)

    *good thing the xtra cash tho' ;)

  5. At least you got some business out of it. I can't even imagine attempting an actual vacation any time soon. Unless you count being committed for "observation."

  6. This post resonates with me, as they say. I spent a lot of time making sure my kids behave and are good travelers, and they've been that way forever. But I cannot abide children who misbehave in public. That's why we spend our vacations hitting the hiking trails away from everyone else.


  7. Sorry your vacation sucked!!!

    I didn't wait until my child was a certain age, I couldn't/can't stand it when kids act up (their parents need to be slapped) and I KNOW my child wouldn't have gotten away with it. We're not imagining Michaela... some people just have no sense lol!