Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tribute to Margie and Bruce

I was going to post about my struggles in teaching piano to a boy who has autism.

Maybe another time. I just heard that a blog friend and fellow weight-watcher, Margie, has died. She and her husband Bruce were hit and killed by a driver whilst on their daily walk. Apparently the guy was trying to commit suicide by driving his car at high speed off a freeway. Instead, he killed Margie and Bruce.

Margie was a happy, kind lady who provided very generous words of support for various friends trying to lose weight. Going for a daily walk helped her to keep the pounds off. She and Bruce were retired RV nomads whose home town was Tumwater, Washington.

Their senseless loss leaves me horrified and angry. I wish, how I wish, that people would think of the possible consequences before they speed in a large hunk of metal.

:-( Very sad face. Hugs to Tessa, Tina and others who mourn these lovely people.


  1. That is horrible! The guy couldn't find a bridge to run into or something? What a waste. *shaking head*

  2. I didn't realize you knew them too Michaela. I am so, so sorry. It is such a sad day. It is hard to imagine - especially such a stupid, random [intentional] act.

    Hugs darling.

  3. So sorry to hear of their deaths--wow, horrible, so sudden. I lost a blog friend this summer--he lived less than an hour away, but we never met. His son wrote his final post.

    I like the bookshelf background--I once took a bunch of photos of parts of my library and put them together via powerpoint and used the "created photo" as my profile pic--people would try to read the names of the books, which was fun

  4. oh my goodness, that is awful! i am so sorry!

    hugs, bee

  5. It's so sad :(
    All the crazy details, just make it so unreal. I just can't get over the fact that they could have been ANYWHERE else at that moment, you know how they traveled! Just so senseless and heartbreaking
    Hugs to you Michaela, and everyone else morning these 2 wonderful people.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss and my prayers go out to their family in dealing with this senseless act of selfishness on the part of the driver.

  7. So sad! I'm so very sorry! My prayers for their family and yours....
    Michelle xoxoxox