Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photos from my niece's birthday

My niece's name is Mira. She is 2. I helped her open her present. She looks very doubtful doesnt she!
In the next pic, my sisters are on the left, and the cousins are in the middle. The boy with glasses is Rishi, Mira's brother. Daddy is holding Mira. I like that our family is so obviously multi-racial and multi-cultural. We celebrate Christian holidays and also some Hindu ones.
Mira enjoyed her cake. Have a great day, all of you! xxxooo
Special wishes for Bee and Sarge xxoo


  1. What lovely pics! A beautiful family Mich - and she does look a little skeptical in the first pic' - too cute. Did she at least like what it was? hee

  2. Your family photos are lovely!

  3. Cute kid. Those two and three year old birthday parties are the best.


  4. I miss those little kid birthdays too :)
    I also love that your family is multi-cultural/ multi-racial. :)