Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phew, break out the Sweatpants!

I Made It!

I made it through to the end of the Year without collapsing in a heap. I've kept up my end of the deal, which is being a mom and a wife and a music teacher. Yup. Right to the last day of Term, I hauled my ass out of bed early to pack lunches for my 3 guys (2 medium, 1 large). I have shopped, cooked, cleaned, tidied, gardened, and filed paperwork. I've serviced the car and fixed plumbing emergencies. I've cleaned up countless cat vomits, and taken sick pets to the vet.

Now I've bought the turkey and the ham. I've sent all the Xmas cards already and the overseas parcels, and I only missed 1 family Birthday this year, and 1 out of 25 isn't so bad...

As a Mom, I've delegated chores, and trained my sons to do their own laundry. (They will thank me for it, and so will their future wives). I've praised, cajoled, coached, and edited. I've given my advice and my guidance even though they (teenagers) think they know everything already. I've driven them where they needed to go, even the airport at 5am!

I've cuddled and hugged them, and backed off when it was embarrassing. I've put Band-aids on the injuries, and waited in the ER holding icepacks onto broken bones (yes, twice this year!). I've applauded my older son at his Achievement Night, and cha-cha'd with my younger son at his Grade school graduation.

My music practice has grown amazingly and I've started dressing better, like I think a professional music teacher ought to. Cash keeps filling up the cookie tin which I use as a cash register. The kiddy-winks astound me and delight me with their improvements in their playing. I only made somebody cry once this year, but I didn't mean to! I got a lot of cards and Xmas presents from the kids and their families, which feels real nice.

I've improved as a trumpet player through being in a Band. I've gone every Thursday night to rehearsal and I've practised my parts even when I didn't want to. I've performed in several concerts. We recorded a CD this year, and it 's so good it doesn't even sound like us. (But I'm told that's normal; that's why we have sound engineers, apparently). I also have worked hard on piano (which is easier for me, so it's less of a big deal). I set myself the goal of perfecting a few Boogie Woogie numbers by January 2011. And I'm almost there!

My husband and I went through a major home extension this year and we didn't blow out the budget and we didn't fight. He has his grumpy moments, and I think I have my annoyingly daft moments (call it overloaded!) but generally we are great together.

It's our Xmas and our summer holiday for the next 6 weeks. I have a stiff neck and a lingering migraine, and a residual level of bronchitis, and I feel like my bones could be made out of jello. But I made it. I didn't let anyone down.

And now, bring me my sweatpants. I'm going to collapse on the lounge and watch TV. Bring on the soothing, mindless, comforting shows...Oprah. Dr Oz. Barefoot Contessa. Leopards and Lions on Discovery channel. I can even watch Rachel Ray when I am like this. Ahhhh. Feels good!

Love to all of you! xxxooo


  1. man honey, have a little NAP! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Well done. You deserve a relaxing time in the recliner, with perhaps a Fosters to go along with it.


  3. Actually my favorite brew is Cascade Premium Light, from Tasmania. I'm not sure if we export that one? Fosters tastes a little weak to me xx

  4. I've not heard of Cascade, though that's surprising given my college education at the University of Missouri, where our motto was "In Beero Veritas."


  5. It is 3 pm on the east coast of the US and I am still in my PJs. Who am I to argue. giggle.

    You put on those comfy sweats, and nap away. i am right there with you.

    Missed you girlie. Tried to call but couldn't get a connection through my cell. Hugs and love.

  6. along with those sweats have a nice glass of wine!
    Have a Merry Christmas! xo

  7. You definitely deserve it! You are Super Mom :) I hope the kids and hubby know how lucky they are!!!

    (Do the kids only get 6 months off for summer then? I'm curious about your vacation times over there now lol)

    So nice to hear from you!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful year! Enjoy the holidays and your time off.

  9. I could definitely go for a six week holiday right after Christmas. Of course, I'd also need a six week holiday after the Fourth of July, too. Ah... wishful thinking!