Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ginger's Day at Work

Today at my extra job, I changed my name. To GINGER.

My job (in which I fill in for a girlfriend running her business) really sucks. The business removes possums out of people's roofs and repairs roofs. It's a very high-volume business. The phone rings a lot. Unfortunately, the business has several flaws, not least, a lack of communication between the guys who do the jobs and the actual customers. Consequently not all of the calls to the office are happy customers. Some of them are angry customers. Which is why I changed my name to Ginger.

Ginger has to say "I'm sorry" a lot to folks whose expectations haven't been met. Ginger is blonde, bubbly, with imaginary big boobs. Ginger handles things better than I do. And, Ginger is fake. I DO NOT WANT people in my community knowing that aside from being the world's most wonderful music teacher, I also work for a business where things go so badly wrong.

My first task of the day was to chase an employee, let's call him Bill, who has been receiving checks on behalf of the business, but not passing them in to the office. My girlfriend already knows that this Bill does the following.... 1. He overcharges cash-paying customers and pockets the extra cash, and 2. Gets customers to write out checks to him (or his mom) rather than the business.

After one short phone call to this guy, I already have him ear-marked as a con-artist. I HAVE NO IDEA why they still have him on their books. I really don't. There are MANY other able-bodied fellows in this city who can do the job and are HONEST.

So you can imagine just how enthusiastic I was about chasing this guy for outstanding cheques. Of course, he was wily enough to leave his phone switched off today. I already had a strategy all planned out, as to how to extract cheques out of him by setting up the promise of LOADS of cash jobs. NAUGHTY Ginger. BAD Ginger. Pretty and wiley, no?

I was even MORE enthusiastic about saying "I'm sorry" to people over and over, because of mistakes that (in my humble opinion) should never have happened.

When I got home I ate a few Diet Triple Choc cookies, and then I felt better.


  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as Diet Triple Chocolate cookies - but can I haz please!

    Nice job Ginger on trying to catch Bill. What an a**. I hate people like that. I wish there was some way to get him off the books.

    I didn't realize possums were so prevalent that there were business devoted to their removal. Wow.

    I like your choice of name btw.

  2. Love the description of Ginger, with her blonde hair, bubbly personality and imaginary big boobs!! That Bill certainly needs to be taught a lesson, and you're obviously the one to do it. LOL! I'm sure you made up that bit about the Diet Triple Chocolate Cookies - I don't believe they actually exist!!!

  3. Your embezzler would be in jail if he were here. Or taken out back and thoroughly hided.

    As for customer service, it is a thankless job, as very few people call with compliments--mostly complaints. That's why, when someone does a good job for me, I regularly send a note to the boss or manager in order to provide encouragement and brighten someone's day.


  4. What a jerk! Why doesn't she fire him??? I like Ginger too- who can get mad at a bubbly Ginger? :)

  5. Bill should be off the books and feel thankful if he isn't behind bars.

  6. hello ginger! nice to meet you. i think this whole idea is totally tits!

    smiles, bee

  7. Your friend needs to get rid of that guy!

    I like that you have an alter ego for dealing with that crap :) It's a great idea! That's why Super Heroes do it! lol

  8. I think creatinmg Ginger was GENIUS! She can say things and do things you probably never would...And that is a terrific thing!
    Good luck with that Con Artist! I bet "Ginger" will get that job done! (lol)

  9. You can't hear the name Ginger and not think sexy. Excellent choice!

  10. Hey you! I was thinking of you this morning (Michaela, not Ginger lol) when I saw the news and all the flooding...
    I hope you are nowhere near that! Hopefully you and your family are all safe and well.
    Take Care!